A simple app that tells you just that.

What's open around you?

Any city, any time - if you're looking to find out what time something opens or closes, or just looking for inspiration, WOTSOPEN is here to help.

Really very handy!

Simple, clean, type driven design

There's no reason opening times can't look good as well as being really useful.

Any time, any day

Find out what’s open now, or Show all times for a 7 day view of all opening times

But what‘s good around here?

Ratings and reviews are a great way to see what others had to say, and help you decide if a place is worth trying or not.

Keep your favourites in one place

Places you love can be stored in favourites for fast access to opening times.

Maps to help find the way

What you’re looking for might be just around the corner.

When in doubt, call to be sure

It never hurts to double check, especially if travelling a distance or on public holidays.

Can’t find it?

If a place isn’t nearby or showing up in your results, simply search by name and location.

Meet Team WO!

Bec Brodie


Bec Brodie - Art Direction & Design

After keeping myself busy in online advertising for the past 15 years, I’ve finally been able to take a breather and realise one of my own ideas in the form of this handy little app. I hope you all find it as useful as we do here at WO HQ!

Miles The Wonder Dog

Werri Beach

Miles - The Wonder Dog

Any excuse to include my pooch Miles... The app is also great for pet owners too though! Look up opening times for pet stores, kennels, doggy day care...Woof!

Scott Whittaker


Scott Whittaker - Developer

What better way to get into developing mobile apps than helping a friend bring their idea to life. Building WO has been a great experience - you don’t often get the chance to create something that looks good, but is also really useful.


Available from iTunes App Store & Google Play.